Application Characteristics Of Single Phase Energy Meter


    The single-phase electricity meter is a device used to measure the power consumption in ordinary civilian household circuits, which are used to supply power to hundreds of household appliances. The single-phase electricity meter has the characteristics of low energy consumption and high reliability, and is an ideal product for reforming the electricity consumption system and realizing the commercialization of electric energy.

    The single-phase electric meter uses the eddy current generated by the voltage and current coils on the aluminum disk to interact with the alternating magnetic flux to generate an electromagnetic force to rotate the aluminum disk, and at the same time introduce the braking torque to make the aluminum disk speed proportional to the load power. Through the axial gear transmission, the internal meter accumulates the turntable rotation speed to measure the electrical energy. Therefore, the main structure of the energy meter is composed of a voltage coil, a current coil, a turntable, a rotating shaft, a brake magnet, a gear, and a gauge.

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