Application Characteristics Of Prepaid Electricity Meter


    The three-phase plug-in meter is also known as a three-phase prepaid meter. The role of the    prepaid electricity meter    is to pre-store electricity bills. It is a new way of modern property management electricity consumption. It solves the shortcomings of traditional electricity meters that use electricity before charging. Traditional electricity meters Need to read the meter every month, then calculate the electricity bill, and then go to the door to collect the electricity bill, often do not meet people at the door, or the owner deliberately owes the electricity bill, causing considerable trouble to the management, and the community property has to pay huge funds to advance Power Supply Bureau.

      Traditional meters are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also require huge labor input. In meter reading, charging requires special personnel, which increases the management cost of the property. These are not conducive to property information management. In this market background, prepayment Electricity meters came into being, and once prepaid electricity meters were put on the market, they received a strong market response and were quickly applied and popularized. The economic benefits are quite obvious. Prepaid electricity meters have changed the way China charges electricity since it was an important change in the development of electricity.

    Let's take a look at the specific advantages of prepaid electricity meter withdrawals:

    (1) Solve the difficulty of charging
    Solve the difficulty of charging. Make electric energy a real commodity, and ensure a reliable guarantee for capital recovery. The purchased electricity can only be used after the current payment is made before the user uses the electricity.
    (2) Help the property solve the shortage of funds
    Because of the implementation of pre-charge management, the user first pays the electricity bill first, and then uses the electricity, so that the property can always occupy the user's capital for buying electricity, and the property can use this part of the funds for other purposes.
    (3) No need for electrician to read meter work
    It saves a lot of manpower and material resources. There is no need to arrange an electrician to visit the meter frequently every month. It only needs to arrange for the electrician to regularly check whether the prepaid electricity meter is normal, and does not need to be too frequent, and the data records are more, more accurate, and easier to use.
    (4) No need to collect electricity at home
    Because paying first and then using electricity, users need to pay for electricity at the property themselves, without using property staff to charge users to save time.
    (5) Collection of auxiliary property fees, rents, management fees and other expenses
    You can use the method of restricting purchases. When users buy electricity in the property department, the property staff can ask the user to pay the property fees, rent, management fees and other fees owed before selling the electricity to the user.
    (6) Current power limitation and protection of power equipment
    You can set the corresponding power limit according to the actual power demand of each user. When the user exceeds the set power, the prepaid electricity meter will automatically power off protection, and then protect the power equipment.
    (7) Facilitate the control and distribution of overall power capacity
    In the use of prepaid electricity meters, because the prepaid electricity meters are equipped with a power control function, each user cannot exceed the set capacity, so the property power management can facilitate the management of the overall power capacity.

    Technology changes productivity and improves productivity. The prepaid electricity meter adopts the mode of purchasing electricity first and then using electricity to zero outage, which solves the problem of difficulty in collecting electricity charges in the past. Let the property management raise a level, let the service raise a level, everything for a better tomorrow.

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