Introduce How To Pronounce Mechanical KWh Meter

  • We basically need to use electricity every day, so we can't do without electricity meters. There are many types of electric meters, among them mechanical kWh meter . So do you know how to pronounce mechanical kWh meter?

    If your meter output is without a current transformer, the reading displayed on the meter is the metering reading of your actual electricity consumption. If it is metering with a transformer, it depends on the specifications of the transformer, such as For a 100/5 transformer, its magnification is 20 (that is, 100 divided by 5), if it is 200/5, the magnification is 40, and if it is 500/5, the magnification is 100. By analogy, multiply the reading displayed on the meter by this magnification to get the amount of electricity you actually use, the unit is KWh (kilowatt hour: degree). That is: actual power consumption = actual reading × magnification.

    The above is the pronunciation of mechanical kWh meter. For more details, please visit single phase energy meter .