Introduce Three Phase Meter And Three Phase Electricity

  • The three phase meter , as its name implies, is an electric meter that mainly detects three-phase alternating current.

    Three-phase alternating current is one of the transmission methods of electric energy, and it is generally referred to as three-phase power for short. It is a power supply composed of three alternating electric potentials with the same frequency, the same amplitude, and the phases differing by 120°. It has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used in AC power equipment in the industry, such as motors, which use three-phase AC, which is the three-phase four-wire system we often mention. In daily life, when lighting electricity is used for power supply, one of the three-phase electricity will be used to supply power to the electrical equipment, such as household appliances, and the other line is the fourth line of the three-phase four-wire. It is the neutral line, which is drawn from the neutral point of the three-phase power.

    Three-phase electricity is firstly three wires and three live wires, and because they are symmetrically arranged in the generator, the electrical angle between them is 120 degrees. my country stipulates that the electricity standard is 220 volts relative to the ground, which is commonly known as Phase voltage, from which the voltage between the two live wires can be calculated.

    The above is a brief introduction to three-phase electricity, but there are also some applications of single-phase electricity in Electromechanical KWh Meter .