Why do remote meter reading of electric energy meter

  • The function of remote mechanical kWh meter reading

    1. Correctly recognize the value displayed on the meter and send the value back correctly.
    2. The central control room can directly read the readings of the on-site users' electric meters, which can be read in batches or individually, and the historical data of the readings can be automatically saved.
    3. Perform statistics, billing, and dual-address storage of the received electricity meter data, and form detailed electricity consumption files.
    4. It can be used for on-site or remote power calibration.
    5. Quickly conduct electricity consumption inquiries by electricity users.
    6. Time-of-time meter reading, realizing time-of-use billing, which can solve the peak-to-valley price method adopted during the peak and valley period of the grid load.

    Features of remote meter reading

    1. Remote meter reading. The remote automatic meter reading function is directly implemented in the central control room, which can form a regional meter reading network centered on the central control room.
    2. Reliable communication. As the antenna fixed-point communication is adopted, after the installation height is completed according to the technical requirements, the communication can be carried out for 24 hours, and it is not affected by the fluctuation of the power grid.
    3. Fast. Due to the high meter reading rate, about one meter per second, meter reading and billing can be performed in time intervals.
    4. Advanced technical means. Recognize the meter reading through the electronic eye and strictly keep the electronic reading consistent with the meter reading.
    5. Periodic readings. According to different instructions, the central control room can perform designated periodic readings of the meters in the network once a month, once a day or several times a day.
    6. It can be integrated with the prepaid electricity meter charging system.