What development can be promoted by using electronic watt-hour

  • Electronic kilo watt-hour meter, also known as static watt-hour meters, are a new type of watt-hour meter that has developed rapidly in recent years. With the economic development needs of the power market and the development of microelectronic technology, electronic watt-hour meters are Unique functions are widely used in the automation of electric power production, intelligent electric energy metering and power management, and the demand is getting higher and higher. In order to measure electric energy correctly and charge reasonably, electronic energy meters play an extremely important role.

    The commonly used induction electric energy meters are restricted by their working principle, manufacturing process, manufacturing materials, etc., so they are limited in reducing the power consumption of the meter, improving the accuracy of the meter and developing the function of the meter. The electronic energy meter has obvious advantages in these aspects.

    In the use of electronic watt-hour meters, not only has gradually changed the old concept of "electronic watt-hour meters are unreliable and unstable", but also demonstrated many advantages in the performance and functions of electronic watt-hour meters. It is a new type of electric energy meter with a working principle completely different from the traditional induction electric energy meter. With the development of electronic technology and the improvement of the quality of electronic components, some domestic and foreign single phase energy meter and three-phase electric energy meters have gradually been Promote use.