Why use digital smart meters

  • With the advancement of technology, more and more households adopt digital kWh meter. What are the advantages of this kind of meters?

    1. Save electricity expenses: Users can make full use of the difference between peak and valley electricity prices to customize electricity consumption plans independently, so that the same electricity can be used at less money;
    2. Consuming independent and transparent: Users can query the current electricity price and the remaining electricity bill balance in real time on the home appliance meter, easily grasp the electricity consumption information, and achieve clear consumption;
    3. Payment is more convenient: users can pay and recharge at various business halls and payment outlets, which is more convenient than the current payment method;
    4. Prevent power failure due to arrears: When the balance is lacking, the smart meter will take the initiative to promptly alert the user to pay and recharge to prevent loss caused by power failure in arrears.
    5. Quick recovery after power failure: After arrears and power failure, the user only needs to pierce the recharged IC card to recover the power supply independently, without waiting for the operator to come and operate, reducing the waiting time;
    6. Prevent the use of combined meters that may occur: the use of smart meters will completely solve the problems of combined meter users’ sharing of old lines, and sub-meter users’ arrears resulting in power outages of the total meter;
    7. The process of power purchase recharge is more safe and reliable: smart meters implement one meter and one card, and the card meter corresponds to the ability to recharge. The loss of the power purchase card will not cause loss to the user;
    8. The payment cycle becomes more flexible: the smart meter cooperation IC card can actually charge as much as the user wants, and there is no need to pay monthly to the business hall;
    9. Deductions are smarter and more accurate: Smart meters can actively deduct and settle bills based on the user's power consumption to prevent possible mistakes caused by traditional manual meter reading methods;
    10. Effectively prevent electricity meter problems rather than mechanical kWh meter. Through the long-distance information transmission function of smart meters, electric power operators can monitor the operation status of electricity meters in real time, discover electricity meter problems in time, and prevent users from losing them.