3 Phase Electricity Meter -Introduction To Smart Meter

  • The term smart meter usually refers to a meter that performs detailed statistics on usage, but it can be used for both gas and water meters, and can perform the same work. In addition, many smart meters can also perform telemetry, in which they can interact with utilities. Many countries/regions are using smart meter technology through public utilities, and many meter manufacturers provide smart meters with different functions.

    The number of functions available for smart meters can vary greatly. The availability of telemetry means that meter readers do not have to go to the location to collect data manually, and meters with these functions can also provide instant reports of power outages and other problems multiple times, allowing utility companies to respond faster . Utilities can also use a network of energy smart meters to monitor electricity to balance energy demand during peak demand periods, such as during the hot summer days when people use air conditioners.

    For customers, electricity meters provide a detailed breakdown of the energy they consume, allowing them to view energy usage patterns. Using this information, people can check their energy usage to save money and reduce overall electricity demand. Currently, most consumers must wait one or three months for their bills to show their energy usage.

    For example, people can join a time-of-use plan that can motivate them to consume electricity during off-peak hours by keeping their billing low during off-peak hours. Using smart meters, utility companies can monitor power usage by time and maintain different rates at different times. People can also view their metering information to keep track so that they can dynamically adjust energy consumption during the billing cycle.

    In many countries, smart meters are also part of large-scale grid modernization plans. As the population increases and the use of electronic devices increases, some countries find it difficult to provide the required amount of energy through their existing power grids. The use of more sophisticated meters is an important step in improving energy services to reduce opportunities for power outages and other service interruptions.

    Smart meters will also be able to record the output power from wind turbines, solar panels and other renewable energy sources, allowing you to generate revenue by selling unused electricity back to the grid or SMART GRID.

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