Three Phase Meter -Which Meter Is Right For You?


    There are many types of electric energy meters and various functions. Which one is right for you?

    a. First of all, users should understand that no matter what kind of energy meter, its main function is energy metering, any energy meter can achieve energy metering;

    b. Secondly, users need to understand the scope of their needs, whether it is for household use (single-phase energy meter) or industrial use (three-phase energy meter), for simple functions (common energy meters) or special functions (prepaid energy meters, Multi-rate watt-hour meters, multi-function watt-hour meters, etc.), whether it requires high precision (electronic meters) or ordinary precision (mechanical meters);

    c. After understanding your own needs, choose the right energy meter to achieve the right use, too many functions, if you can not use it, it is also a waste;

    d. After determining the type of energy meter required, the current range must also be known. The user can choose the current range according to the amount of load. If there are many electric loads (more household appliances), choose a large current meter (40A, 50A,); if the electric load is small, choose a small current meter (6A, 10A, 20A).

    e. General family, suitable for: 10-40A elite meter single-phase electronic energy meter;
    Power supply companies, property companies, if it is difficult to charge meter reading, suitable: prepayment, remote meter reading system;
    Power Bureau, if you want to analyze the power load, etc., it is suitable for: elite meter three-phase multi-function energy meter
    Industrial and mining enterprises, applicable: elite meter three-phase electronic energy meter;

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