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  • The country spirit is marked by country chic styling, with decor formal dresses online that is natural and authentic. It is synonymous with simplicity and user-friendliness.

    Receptions can take place in the open air, in the garden with beautiful trees or in authentic places such as farms, barns, agritourism areas, country inns...where you can breathe fresh air. more pure. The decor is often reminiscent of the rustic side: raw materials such as burlap, wood, slate...

    The more "fruity" and softer the colors stand out, i.e. straw yellow, lavender, pink, lavender. If you like understated colours, you can even go for bright colors for a cheerful decor, you can choose from neutrals like beige, brown, white, ivory and more.

    We would love field flowers and ears of wheat, raffia leaves and white blooms to adorn the place or a country bouquet.

    To make a rustic wedding unique and personal, we don't forget to use lights like lanterns, glass balls, antique white lanterns...

    Alternatively, you can set your sights on a maxi skirt with side slits. This cut style will further enhance the fluidity of the dress and make it more feminine. As for the choice of material, silk, chiffon or cotton are all suitable for this dress cut. Knitwear can also bring a touch of elegance to long dresses. Since the good weather seems to be slowly ending, you can make sure the materials you choose stay natural so you don't get hot and sweaty.

    In most cases, long skirts are sheer, so that they can be vaporized and easy to wear. So it is necessary to wear the bottom of the skirt to ensure a nice effect. Dressing rooms must have a gown background of the same skin color or a sufficiently close enough color.

    In France, as in Italy or Germany, women are rated the same, generally from EU 32 to EU 46. However, these dimensions are not necessarily the same, depending on the country of origin. For example, French sizes are also available in Belgium, Portugal and Spain. German sizes apply to Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria and Norway.

    UK sizing, also used in Australia and New Zealand, women's average size ranges from 6 to 14. Ratings can be as follows: UK 6, NZ 6 or AU 6.

    While the numbers may be similar, US and UK sizing should not be confused. In fact, US sizes usually range from 2 to 16, and the US rating precedes the number.

    Perhaps the easiest system to decipher is the S (small), M (medium), and L (large) ratings. This system is used in many countries around the world to make it easier to read labels marking clothing sizes. "Wedding dress" impression. ?.

    leisure trend

    For this category, long cotton dresses must be a preferred part. In terms of color, appreciate light blue, gray, beige, mustard yellow or khaki, which are suitable for long-term wear in any season. A very common example is wearing a cotton or other material maxi dress with sneakers and a small denim jacket.

    If you like sneakers with dresses, choose a skinny or body-hugging fit. This pair of white tennis shoes can be paired with any color outfit and offers the opportunity to take advantage of the variety of styles on the market. As you've noticed, it's not just V-neck skirts that can be used to pull off a casual look. In fact, long skirts are also a good choice.

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