Tyceno and other alleged victims spoke to us

  • It's not clear if Rack or Raangee knew about the scam or NBA 2K22 MT whether their accounts were compromised. We've tried numerous times to reach them but to no avail.

    Tyceno and other alleged victims spoke to us about the ways in which "Rack" communicated via voice chat to a variety of young gamers. The terms of service ban using the feature for unlawful motives, commercial uses or to gamble money with others. 2K, NBA 2K's publisher hasn't returned numerous requests for comment.)

    Tyceno the alleged Rack asked the gamers to put money into large amounts offering unheard of high returns of as high as 40 percent..

    One victim, who is believed to be aged 21, told us that she had lost $6000 and Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins was supposed to receive $11,000 because of the 'interest'.