Begin your Lost Ark venture three days in front of different pl

  • Stick to the left as the path begins to turn to the west Lost Ark Gold. Stay on the north side of the path when it passes a south turn where you'll find your second seed right there behind an incense burner covered inside the entryway to small wolf den.

    Lost Ark third to fifth mokoko seeds Rattan Hill

    Port onto take a ferry to Yeon family Training Grounds. Head southeast to the bottom of the field, where you'll see a wooden fence. Take a walk to the northern end of the barrier towards the house's door and then walk around the corner towards the rock. The hidden jumping point is sure to be visible.

    There are two mokoko seeds near the barrier and another if you continue following the route further off the map , to the southeast, just after the well. Luckily there's a visible jump place on the mokoko portion of the barrier. This means it's easier to get back.

    Lost Ark sixth mokoko seed in Rattan Hill

    Then, port onto Cold Haunted House. From the triport head west , passing the first couple of abandoned houses, and then head north. You'll come across large stone steps leading to a massive structure Lost Ark Gold for sale. The sixth mokoko lies next to the incense burner to the right on the lower part of the steps.