SUN Classic will later have different automatic functions

  • Additionally, SUN Classic offers a fresh start to gamers with many automated functions as well as convenience systems for a smooth game experience SUN Classic Heim, aswell as optimizations for images, UI and UX. In the initial launch, SUN Classic will first be accessible in four languages: Traditional or simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English for users in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. WEBZEN plans to then expand its services in Southeast Asia and other regions.

    To celebrate the global launch for the world launch, the SUN Classic team is running AC Launching Events including the Daily Check-In Event, the Level Up Event, and the AC Challenge Event before maintenance on 7 April.

    The AC (Area Conquest) System is one of the most important features that rewards users as they complete various tasks. Unlike the familiar game of quests, every action performed by the player is counted and awarded.

    Participants who have completed their check-in during the game's 7 and 14 consecutive days will earn particular rewards, like The Evolution Stone and an event exclusive title: The Pioneer. Also the Level UP Event offers players who finish certain mission levels , with rewards for advancing levels in an AC system. In addition, players will be awarded stunning rewards when they complete all 10 tasks.

    While we wait, WEBZEN continues to run a Refer-a-Friend promotion until March 16th. If players send their referral URLs for registration with their friends and they'll get an in-game reward for free buy SUN Classic Heim, such as Runestone 5 Blessing of the Goddess 5 Master's Kit and much more.