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  • The reason behind this is that I've decided to throw a nice home celebration and I want everyone to have fun in my home and the game. There are some who just don't behave RS Gold. We all know how I feel when I say this. People who behave rudely, and those who choose to resort to bugs and block the entrance to the dungeon, so that people are trapped in the cage. This requires me to remove all players out of the room and reset the house by re-entering. It's quite frustrating.

    Since I've been asked to weigh in, I'll provide you with some tips. Obtain the following-Arma/pernix, chaotic cbows. Subj robes/virtus. or virtus wand/book. Drygores or Bandos/Torva as well as dual chaotic rapiers. Vip slayer tickets (I had about 150 tickets to get to 104m from 23m). T80 is a lot more helpful than t70, and t90 melee is an excellent investment

    Block/Prefer listBlock-Desert wyrms-Grotworms-Nechs-Jadinkos-gargoyles-kalphites-Additional task if you have enough quest points. Prefer-ganos-muspah-airuts-aviansies-cele dragons-elves. It's not worth the effort to extend assignments, you should skip any tasks that aren't speedy or have extremely high numbers (ie that there are 115 iron dragons)

    Slay kril/dks if you have the boss task in their place and/or require gp. Always make sure to have KREE/KREEL or dks as boss tasks to get bonus xp+reaper points Runescape3 Accounts. Have magic/range/slayer quick gear setups in place, with melee and magic as 2 and 1 because you'll use them most.