As if it's one of the easiest RuneScape abilities to master

  • And it doesn't eat up too much of the bar (claws are excellent for bosses and PvP because they can be used to deal a great deal of damage in a relatively short duration RS Gold. Slayer but, even though it's a good idea to do damage isn't necessary to spend all of your time on just 8 hits - 4 of them probably being less than 100). It's also worth noting that Korasi makes a nice special weapon (besides the DDS) and can be used on drags made of metal.

    For money, you really shouldn't rely on herb dropssince it's true that they're not worth much money any more after Sorceress' Garden bots became the dominant force. Then, if you're the slayer, you could go to Abberbant spectres. They drop many herbs, as well as high-level herb seeds andcan fetch you around 500k/hour, as well as not being too populated by bots.

    My money-making methods are purely outdated, unfortunately, bar two, which I think you'll like. The two are dice dicing (and I'm talking about dice-dueling, NOT HOSTING, though) However, this is an inverse 50/50 bet and it is possible to be cleaned or make money. (I got cleaned twice, however, because I had little money that didn't matter. I made it to 10M, got cleaned, then from 300K, made my way up to 18M. I'm now stopping here , having been able to win eight repeatedly in succession, which is a 1/256 chance :( )

    The PK'ing (which I'm certain you won't enjoy) However, iron dragons can be whipped fine, it's really not that difficult. And the worst thing is to use fire blast Buy RS3 Gold. In addition Duradel can assign extremely difficult tasks to people with 100+ CB and I'd only recommend him if you're at least 115 CB+ (but when you can utilize Kuradel, DO IT).