Lost Ark Guide: These Things You Should Know About Amethyst Sha

  • When it comes to the least known currency in Lost Ark, Amethyst Shards is definitely one of them, many players don't know where to use this currency, and some players don't even know how many Amethyst Shards they have. What exactly can these mysterious Amethyst Shards be used for?

    Taking some time to learn how to get Amethyst Shards is necessary for players, as this currency isn't as useful as other forms of currency, but they can certainly be used to buy something. Read on to find out where Amethyst Shards can be used, how to get them, and what items are worth buying with them. If you want to master more tips to have fun in Lost Ark, you can follow the official MMOWTS website. Not only can you see all kinds of Lost Ark news at MMOWTS, but you can also buy Lost Ark Gold at a bargain price.

    Specific places to buy items with Amethyst Shards
    Every major city will have a version of the Amethyst Shard merchant with a teleportation stone, just like the other major merchant NPCs in Lost Ark. This means you can find them at Luterra Castle, Stern, and even Punika. Just use the search bar in the upper right corner of the map to search for the location of businesses in these cities, and their exact location will be highlighted. You'll find the text of Amethyst Shard Exchange after their name, which is usually denoted by Mysterious Man.
    On the in-game map, Mysterious Man's icon is a small silver chest surrounded by a silver circle, which is the same as the Rift Shard Exchange, Abyss Trade, and Gold Shop NPCs. If you want to know exactly which NPC is which, hover over the icon to reveal its specific name.

    What you should do to get more Amethyst Shards
    Amethyst Shards are one of many different currencies in Lost Ark, but you'll have more difficulty acquiring that currency than Silver, Gold, Sapphire, Royal Crystal, etc. It's going to take you quite a while to Buy Lost Ark Gold get your hands on a limited number of Amethyst Shards, which is very different from just about everything else in this MMORPG.
    One of the sources of Amethyst Shards is the reward provided by in-game achievements, so you should search for those achievements that provide that reward. It is recommended that you add more than 50 new friends to your friends list at once so you can complete the "People Person" achievement and earn 1000 Amethyst Shards, a hidden achievement. Of course, there are many more hidden achievements waiting for you to explore.

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    Which items should be purchased first in The Amethyst Shard Exchange Shop
    A lot of players are wondering what items are worth buying with this currency because they are so hard to get in the game. It's a little hard to judge, as the Notos Orka Ship Skin and the Gold Combat Wolf Mount are the rewards that most players will choose.
    Purchasing the Notos Orka Ship Skin is not recommended as there are other ways to obtain this item. Also, it seems like it makes more sense to buy the Gold Combat Wolf Mount, as you'll need to spend 22K Amethyst Shard to buy the item. In addition to these two rewards, you can buy other items according to your needs.
    If you want to buy Rapport Chests, I don't think it's worth it, as you can get them in other ways entirely, such as Blue Crystals, Providence Stones, and more. So spending Amethyst Shard on these items is a complete waste.

    Through the above introduction, have you fully understood the details of Amethyst Shard? In fact, Amethyst Shard is just a relatively rare currency, all you really need in the game is a lot of Lost Ark Gold. At this point, MMOWTS can help you. Because MMOWTS is selling the cheapest Lost Ark Gold on the market and provides 24 hours online service, you can visit MMOWTS.com and buy Lost Ark Gold at any time.