WOW TBC Classic Guide - How to double up on unique items?

  • The gameplay of WOW Classic reached a whole new dimension last week. A player successfully copied a powerful item in Season of Mastery. The player used a very simple but unexpected method, which seemed to have not been discovered by other players before.

    There is a category of items in the game called trinkets, they can provide players with various attribute bonuses, and some with special effects. In order to keep the game as balanced as possible, Blizzard restricts many useful items to only obtainable once. However, a player recently discovered a way to copy these TBC Classic Gold items and shared his story on Reddit.

    At present, the most suitable item for copying using this method is Carrot on a Stick, which can increase the movement speed of the mount. If you can get two Carrots on a Stick, you will become easier in the battle.

    After wearing this trinket, your mount will gain a 3% movement speed bonus. That's right, its function is so simple, it doesn't look like a big deal. In fact, Carrot on a Stick is very important in WOW Classic, because most of your time in the game needs to be spent on mounts. Carrot on a Stick can reduce the time you spend moving between different areas.

    It can also be a great help for players in PvP. If you move faster than your opponents in battle, the better your chances of survival. Therefore, the method of getting two Carrots on a Stick is very important in Season of Mastery. If you want to know more details, please continue reading this article. You can also visit MMOWTS and purchase WOW TBC Classic Gold and many other game services at a lower price.

    To get double trinkets for yourself, you need to first complete the quest called Gahz'rilla in Zul'Farrak, it rewards you a Carrot on a Stick. And you will find an Ice Cream Vendor next to the quest giver.
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    After you get the first trinket, sell it to the vendor, then come back to the quest giver again. After that, you'll get a lost quest rewards option at the vendor. From there, just buy a new one and also the one you sold back from him.

    The Carrot isn't the only trinket you can copy. This exact same method can be used to obtain two Thrash Blades. This one-handed sword not only looks awesome with a glow, but it grants the WOW Classic TBC Gold chance to gain an extra hit on your next swing.

    While this isn't how either item was probably intended to be used, it is a clever way to double up on these'unique' items. It's such a simple trick, it's honestly surprising it wasn't discovered by players long ago.

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