The oldest Fishing Bot in New World is about to reach level 60

  • Although it sounds ridiculous, a Fishing Bot in New World is about to perform New World Coins Buy miracles. In fact, Fishing Bot has not been absent from the many problems that have existed since the release of New World.
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    Those players who have been playing games since the release of New World and are still sticking to it all know that life in New World is very difficult. Although the game has made history in the number of players as the first MMO launched by Amazon, a series of problems that followed have caused it to lose hundreds of thousands of players in a few weeks. In the recent period of time, the game is undergoing some changes, because the developers have made promises. This is why New World is still one of the games with the largest number of players on the Steam platform, because many players want to give New World a chance.

    Other players try to break the restrictions of the rules and abuse loopholes and bugs for their own benefit. There are many problems that hinder the return of New World players, including from its economic problems through duplication and exploitation to players taking advantage of its guild system to rob other players. And bots are the most difficult problem to solve, because you can't know who controls these bots.

    Many players reported in the forum that resource rebirth points are occupied by bots, and they can only obtain the lowest quality survival conditions. If you have not heard of a cheating robot, you can simply understand it as an account controlled by a script, whose purpose is to obtain resources through a lot of repetitive simple work and sell them to other players for profit. At present, the most serious damage to the game is fishing bots, and its damage to the game goes far beyond mining bots and crafting bots. Because the rare fish in the game are difficult to obtain, and most of them are obtained by these fishing bots, it makes those players who need fish resources feel very painful. The most shocking thing for players is that one of the fishing bots will even reach level 60 soon.

    There are also many players sharing stories about bots they encountered in the gaming community, such as a woodcutter bot that reached level 40. Currently New World players are looking for a creative way to solve these bots, because the report system in the game is not perfect. As one of the many problems that plague the game, these bots have caused many large-scale and small-scale troubles. New World Coins Players hope that the development team can solve these bots in a reasonable way someday in the future, so that players can more easily obtain the resources they want.

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