How ISO 27001 and TISAX are related

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Oman probably knows what ISO 27001 is, because it is an international standard, very popular in the given information security sector, that helps organizations of all the sectors to protect their information safely.  But, do you know that the automotive industry is also interested in the information security, and also their own information security with the given standards? In the following article, you will learn all the key aspects with the relationship between ISO 27001 and TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), the information security standard for the automotive industry.

    Information science then cars are frozen today

    Twenty years ago, my mother had a tiny car, a Renault Twingo, yet I was once very impressed with it, because it was the first car that I had ever seen with considered along an integrated digital monitoring panel.  In to that amount time, this science was once a revolution, ISO 27001 Registration in Oman because nearly cars had an analog government panel.  At the equal time, once my first ride including any digital technology among a car.

    Today, automobiles are consequently different, and I don’t recognize a present day auto except some form regarding digital technology. Even so, information technology is probably one of the most important parts, because just movements related in accordance with our motors are at last automated: headwear pressure, pace limit, parking, etc.

    Systems because a computer concerning wheels

    If you have a car with Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection, applications, cameras, etc., since basically, you may hold a computer including wheels.  And, about course, postulate the car as a computer, since threats associated in the imitation of data safety also apply after it.

    This is why companies in the automotive sector have performed information security assessments, not only in their own systems and processes, but also in their providers’ systems.  ISO 27001 Services in Oman but the problem is that without a common standard, each assessment may be performed according to different criteria, and the results may also be different.


    As said, an essential aspect within TISAX is the VDA ISA requirements (that surely are the safety controls), which are at all comparable in accordance with the statistics security controls regarding ISO 27001 Annex A, however adding particular protection controls for ligature together with 1/3 parties, prototype protection.

    Really, the VDA ISA requirements do be yoke into four groups:


    • Information security (similar to the protection controls in Annex A concerning ISO 27001)
    • Connection after third parties
    • Data protection
    • Prototype safety

    The maturity levels

    ISO 27001 in Oman for each requirement, TISAX will use concentration degrees according to point out the effectiveness, then furthermore, TISAX defines a target aging for each requirement.  So, basically, the condition you need to enforce the VDA ISA requirements or stand compliant together with TISAX, necessity in accordance with in the force all the requirements along a minimum aging level.

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