Complete guide to corrective action vs. Preventive action

  • What is meant by preventive action?

    ISO 9001 Certification services in Sri Lanka In a certain management system, a preventive action can be definition that could be “the activities which are taken by the organization to eliminate the cause of a potential process with nonconformity.” In other words, the preventive action is taken to fix the  problems before it can happen. If you are identifying a certain potential problems that could be happen in a process, assessing that what could cause these problems, and taking action to prevent the problem from occurring before it happens, then you are taking preventive action.

    What is the example of corrective action?

    ISO 9001 Registration in Sri Lanka First, what is corrective action?  The Corrective action is the activities which are taken to eliminate the cause of a process nonconformity.  Corrective action is the activity of reacting to process a problem, getting it under control through the containment actions, and then by taking the action when it is needed to stop it from happening again. Earlier versions of ISO 9001 made the distinction that CA will prevent recurrence of a problem, but PA will prevent the occurrence of the problem.

    • Corrective action – I hurt myself on the corner of the table, find that the cause is that the table might contain the sharp corners, and then it may take action to make the table can have rounded corners so that no one else will get’s hurts. This includes the actions to change the design so that future tables will also have rounded corners.
    • Preventive action – I notice that the corners of a table can be cut by someone (even though no one has been injured because of that), then find that the reason is the sharp corners, and then take action to round the corners and change the future design to have round corners.

    Why does the ISO 9001 will require the corrective action and not the preventive action?

    ISO 9001 Services in Sri Lanka The previous version of ISO 9001 is included with the requirements for a corrective process with an action and a preventive action will process as part of quality management. The steps involved in both were essentially the same, but the action which are triggered the process was different and it is corrective action that is reacted to a problem that occurred, where preventive action was initiated by the identification of a potential problem.

    • Risk-based thinking – This new requirement will asks you to identify the areas which could affect the QMS where you are uncertain of the outcome.
    • Improvement- Any improvement activities that you can take to make the processes of your QMS better are preventive actions.



    What is a preventive action plan?

    ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka A preventive action plan can be created for the preventive action, that needs to include all of the same things that a corrective action plan does, as outlined in the above. If you are taking action to remove an identified risk, this should also be treated like a project, with the same adequate oversight and budgeting of resources.

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