Do you really need a consultant for implementation of ISO 9001?

  • ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka Some years ago, I worked for a certification body as an auditor. During that time they are conducting an ISO 9001 certification audit on a client, so that it became more clear that the main auditee was the ISO 9001 implementation of the certain consultant who had “installed” the management system. And we also explained that we needed to speak with the process of an certain owners,  the users and owners of the system, but the consultant continued to lurk and cut in to answer questions on behalf of the company employees, who obviously knew very little. Needless to say, this audit did not go well.

    ISO 9001 Registration in Sri Lanka The organization may finds itself in the position of needing to the implement of ISO 9001, they may not have the specific internal skills to do so that without outside help.  The obvious answer to the that certain question of “where do we start”? However, this answer is the premature.  Instead, a follow-up with the given question should have a really need a consultant?”

    To consult or not to consult?

    ISO 9001 Services in Sri Lanka The decision of whether we can hire a consultant or to “do-it-yourself” should only be made after the careful consideration. The wrong decision may lead to damages and problems creative and to rectify this, it will be costly and fail to deliver the desired results. Keep it in mind that the motivations which are given for implementation and certification may vary.

    ISO 9001 Consultancy in Sri Lanka If the implementation driver is external such that there is only a rudimentary knowledge of what ISO 9001 actually is, and there is deadline pressure for the inclination will be given to put yourselves in the hands of the consultant who will promises to install a ready to use system in the shortest possible time and with the minimal disruption and demands on you.  So, think twice before you hire someone.

    Implementing ISO 9001:2015 with a consultant vs. The Diy Approach

    The worst kind

    ISO 9001 Certification cost in Sri Lanka What’s wrong with this given approach, you may ask it openly? If you pay a consultant a lot of money, isn’t their job to do everything for you, including with their own creativity of your documented information and getting you through the audit so that we can easily gets the certificate on the wall.

    The best kind                                

    ISO 9001 Consultant in Sri Lanka So, what kind of consultant should you seek? The best kind of consultant is the one who can easily builds the capacity in their own client’s organization by first training people and equipping them with the knowledge to understand the certain standard with an sufficiently to build their own value adding system.  The starting point should be ideally be the organization’s top management.  They must be clearly understand about their role, particularly in determining the organization’s.


    Our advice, Go for it

    ISO 9001 Certification in Sri Lanka helps companies to increase the guarantee to return on investment.  Sri Lanka is one of the developed country which is one of smallest city across the country.