• A Recognition of Testing Competence

    ISO 17025 Certification in Sri Lanka The Laboratory accreditation provides formal recognition to the competent laboratories, thus providing a ready means for the customers to identify and select the reliable testing, measurement and the calibration services.  To improve this recognition and  laboratories we have to re-evaluate regularly and to check that their standard of operation is being maintained.

    Marketing Advantage

    ISO 17025 Cost in Sri Lanka Accreditation is an effective marketing tool for testing, calibration and measurement with the certain organisations, and a passport to submit tenders to contractors that require independently verified laboratories.

    ISO 17025 Consultancy in Sri Lanka Laboratory accreditation is highly regarded to the both nationally and internationally as a reliable indicator of technical competence.  Many industries, such as the construction materials, routinely specify laboratory with accreditation for suppliers of testing services.

    ISO 17025 Registration in Sri Lanka Unlike that we have certified to ISO 9001, laboratory accreditation uses criteria and procedures specifically developed to determine the technical competence, thus it is assuring the customers that the test, calibration or measurement data supplied by the laboratory or inspection service are accurate and reliable.

    ISO 17025 Consultant Services in Sri Lanka Many of the accreditation bodies also publish a directory of their accredited laboratories, which includes the contact details of laboratories plus information on their testing capabilities.  This is another type of promoting a laboratory’s accredited services to the potential clients.

    ISO 17025 Implementation in Sri Lanka Finally, through a system of international agreements  are accredited to the laboratories receive a form of international recognition, which allows their data to be more readily accepted in overseas markets.  This recognition may helps to reduce the costs for manufacturers and also exporters which may have their own products or materials tested in accredited laboratories, by reducing or eliminating the need for retesting in another country.

    Benchmark for Performance

    ISO 17025 Certification cost in Sri Lanka Laboratory accreditation benefits laboratories by allowing them to determine whether they are performing their work correctly and to appropriate standards, and provides them with a benchmark for maintaining that competence.  Many of the  laboratories will operate in the isolation to their peers, and rarely, it will receive any independent technical evaluation as a measure of their performance.  Areas for improvement are identified and discussed, and a detailed report provided at the end of each visit.  Where it is necessary, follow-up action is monitored by the accreditation body so the facility is confident that it has taken the appropriate corrective action.

    Benefits of ISO 17025 accreditation will be summarized as below:-

    ISO 17025 Consulting Services in Sri Lanka

    • A systematic approach that can control all its processes and well defined procedures and supporting to the documentation.
    • Greater quality awareness amongst all the employees and reduced defects, scraps, rework failures and service and recovery.
    • Achieve international recognition of its technical competence gain the confidence of the customers and interested parties, as well as open doors to new market both locally and international.
    • Control laboratory methods variation.
    • Increase of confidence in Testing the data and personnel performing work.
    • Validity and appropriateness of test methods.
    • Traceability of measurements and calibrations to the national standards.


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