WoW Classic TBC: Become Top Hunting Masters

  • The Hunter's performance in the early TBC version of the ancient times was very eye-catching in WoW Classic. Back then, the hunter only needed to wear a T1 suit to hit the explosive output. It was also named the "Single Brush King" by the player by virtue of the ability to cooperate with pets. Now the classic server TBC will be officially launched on June 2. Next, the author will bring you a comprehensive guide for hunter pet selection after level 70 to help players become top hunting masters!

    After passing through the Dark Portal and stepping on the map of Outland, WOW TBC Classic Gold players can capture a wide variety of new "alien" pets in various areas of Outland. For example, insect pets can be caught in Hellfire Peninsula and Teroksan Lizhong, in addition to predators, cats, wind snakes, scorpions, crocodiles and many other pets waiting to be tamed by hunters.

    Although there are many types of pets, in the TBC version, the attack speed of pets has been unified to 2.0, and will inherit some of the owner's attributes: 30% increase in hunter stamina; 35% in hunter armor; 22.5% in hunter long-range attack. Bonus to pet's melee AP; Hunter's 15% bonus to long-range attack power to pet's spell damage. It is not difficult to see that the importance of pets to hunters in the TBC version has greatly increased, and the choice of pets no longer requires multiple considerations, just choose a partner with appropriate skills.

    TBC Hunter's Comprehensive Guide to Pets

    In all kinds of dungeon battles, players can choose more suitable pets for cooperative combat according to the types of mobs or BOSS. For example, when facing fighters and Paladins, the wind snake pet not only has the higher "Lightning Breath" At the same time, the damage of the law system can only be resisted and cannot be reduced by armor. Compared with the attack of physical pets that are reduced by armor, the damage increased by the wind snake is very obvious and more outstanding.

    In the single-swipe dungeon, predator pets will become the best choice for hunter players. In a single brush, the hunter needs the kite ability the most. At the same time, there are often some places lurking in various dungeons. For example, when single brushing the No. 1 Boss of the Viper Temple, the lurking has no effect and it is very easy to be screened by the BOSS. Therefore, the hunter is single-swiping the dungeon. You can rely on the skills of predators to kite, making single brushing more comfortable.

    Players can choose scorpion pets as partners when playing PVP games such as arenas and battlefields. The unique mechanism "Scorpion Venom" DOT of this kind of pets can be superimposed, so that hunters' skills such as "Viper Sting" or "Viper Sting" will not be easily solved by the opponent, and it will be easier to consume the opponent's blue energy during the battle. In order to win.

    The TBC version of the hunter is undoubtedly an excellent remote output career. The designer has perfected various mechanisms in the TBC nostalgic suit, making the pet game more mature. Players who love the hunter profession, will experience a more perfect classic old-world gameplay in the upcoming version of "Burning Crusade", once again pass through the Dark Portal, go out to smash the plan of the Burning Legion, and become a top hunting master!

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