The RuneScape is situated in one of those vacant homes in Falad

  • Jagex doesn't appear to be averse to changing their programming by taking water off the land and placing it on the mainland RS Gold. Although they have managed to get over the water barrier with islands in order to create new content, it is only a way to keep the feel of a mainland.

    The Mainland seems to be based upon Europe or at least its culture. Karamja appears to be a representation of Africa with its jungles populated by tribesmen. Africa was known in Europe as the "Heart of Darkness," an area of unknowable and death. Right now, it's simply not that. It is old-fashioned. It's too tiny, at least, when compared with the mainland. Also, it is deficient of top-quality content.

    Legends Quest Legends Quest was a way to convey the "heart and dark" feelings that were associated with Africa when it came out. It also was the biggest of all other quests. But now the finishing the Legends Quest only proves that you are just a normal player, and that's why Karamja has lost the dark feeling.

    Do you think developers need to redraw specific regions of the map for them to add more content to the Karamja or the mainland? Do you think it's too complicated Buy OSRS Accounts? It may require a lot of effort, but it will keep outdated areas fresh and interesting for a lot of high leveled players.