The RuneScape will tell you that you're wearing no symbol

  • The vampires will run off and your side will begin cheering jummping up and down. If you do win you will find a short cut-scene of the entire battlefield with all the dead RS 3 Gold, then the vampires kill all the wounded during their escape, and weaponry on the ground. Subsequently the opinion will swivel into the 500 Misthalin soldiers arriving to assist all marching in straight rows. Cut-scene will finish with all the individuals who fought hugging one another expression we survived. If you win you will be awarded 5 bible pages. The rewards and how many bible pages are needed are posted below.

    Improvements To Champions Guild. All of us need fixers to the champions guild. Well basiclly I'll start in the area out. Ok, recall Land of the Goblins, and the way Zanik is trapped, and how you went a whole Dorgeshuun quest without seeing a specific loser who claims to be pious yet wears pink all the time? Start by speaking to Ur Tag in Dorgeshkan. Speak about Zanik, and you also find out that Oldak went up to the surface to collect some"resources". Head to Duke Horacio, and he'll say his trade secretary had been robbed recently. The technique of entrance points to HAM.

    Nothing was taken except a client evaluation that the secretary needed, and one of Oldak's teleport spheres. Inquire about Oldak, and you discover that the evaluation mentioned he was timid of their surface and favored to maintain a place that reminded him of home. You also learn that the files mentioned the fact that Zanik no more coordinates commerce. So, HAM may now know Zanik is now gone.

    Head to Lumbridge Swamp and you'll see Oldak and the four adventurers (out of Lost City) arguing. Oldak believes they understand all about the fairy circles, they believe he understands about Zanaris Buy Old School RS Gold. Interrupt to point out to them the best way to enter Zanaris and you'll be supplied 10k.