With Madden 23 soon to be in the rear-view mirror

  • Don't think of punts as disappointments; these "conservative" games are massive chances Mut 23 Coins. Practice coffin kicks. This will give the defense an opportunity to secure their position. By making these intelligent plays, players a better chance of winning, even if they aren't the maximum amount of fun.

    In defense, in most instances, under-coverage is superior to over-the-top coverage. The short-yard pass is annoying, tire out defenses with long drives, and set up receivers to gain yards following the catch. The default settings allow the drag and slant routes are successful almost every time.

    To avoid this, call an audible to the defense and ask defense players play "underneath." This is the majority of the play calling online, so it forces opponents to throw deep and take risks with their throws, which are simple to catch up to when picking a cornerback following the throw.

    The AI is, quite frankly, terrible at stuffing receivers on the line. You often watch as a Pro Bowl wide receiver completely misses the line and sprints by them to score a touchdown. However, when a human is in control of the action, the story changes.

    Manually block with the receiver at the line of the scrimmage. Since the opponent is controlling the quarterback, this AI-controlled player will be in no position to compete and is effectively eliminated out of the play Buy Madden 23 Coins. This makes man coverage more secure as this one-on-1 is a win for the defense each time.