Lost Ark has four unique Drops accessible to open as groups pro

  • The game allows players to play around with their classes prior to the time they're permanently stuck with them, which is helpful Lost Ark Gold. If you're able to battle in a group or two with great skills doesn't mean you understand the nuances of every class or if that class is easy to master when all your capabilities are lost and you must start from scratch.

    Any of these can be used for learning Lost Ark, and you can also use some of them for PvP if you go far enough. A majority of excellent beginner classes have a minimal learning curve, and is able to be learned by anyone. Ultimately, you'll want to attend a second class and you'll want to try something different from these classes.

    We recommend using this list to help you find the most appropriate classes to start Lost Ark with until then.


    Sharpshooter is an advanced Gunner class that comes with an arrow and bow. Sharpshooters are skilled and are easy to learn. They're not exactly the type of class you'd like to employ in PvP, but they'll help you master the game quickly. The game has a small learning curve, which means that even new players can learn the fundamentals of the game, and also how powers and skills work.

    Sharpshooter is the most popular support class in PvP as his skills are designed to assist other players, rather than lead attacks. In the event of a PvP match, he will be slain quickly if he is left on his own Lost Ark Gold for sale. In PvE they're able to finish the job without being flashy making them a great class for players who simply want to enjoy the game and earn collectibles.