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  • However, Blue River still has senior center Ally Mut 22 coins, one of the best players in the region's interior Sharpshooting junior Maci Chamberlin, as well as a strong the depth they have around them to make an appearance in another event.

    Though four consecutive sectional titles would break the school's record but the Vikings still have a long way to go to be a solid postseason candidate. "I don't know since we still have to grow. I'm hoping we'll become a team capable doing that.

    I don't believe we're there yet," Bales said of the possibility of winning the sectional championship. "We've been learning how effectively defend ... make sure not to make the errors that don't have to be forced. There's a lot of growing to do. Certainly (a divisional name) is where we'd like to end up."

    Although four consecutive sectional titles could break the school's record in the process, there's a long way to go before the Vikings still have some way to go toward being a definite postseason contender.

    "I don't know because we're not yet ready to expand. I'm hoping that we will become an elite team capable of accomplishing this. I don't think we're yet there," Bales said of the team's chance to win an area championship. "We've to figure out how to defend better ... take care not to make mistakes that aren't forced cheap madden coins. So we've got some growing to do, and certainly (a divisional name) is where we hope to finish."