The mission framework in Runescape is one of my top MMOs

  • 40-52 really, go to Granite Crabs. It's a lot less expensive as compared to the alternatives, Bull Ants as well as it's easy to acquire the marigolds to use for Bull Ants OSRS Gold. For Granite Crabs all the way, you'll need 4,010 empty pouches, gold-colored charms, iron ore and 28,050 spirit shards. It will cost you from the 600ks to low 700k's.

    52-55 , you can make Spirit Terrorbirds. Consider keeping the pouches in your collection, because they help, a lot 2,220 pouches that are blank as well as gold and silver charms and raw bird meats. 30,000 spirit shards are needed. The number is nothing of a mess. Go to 3. Best of luck to you, and I hope I was able to help.

    The setup currently I use for mage, I'm using the Helm of Neitiznot (Acctually gives a slight magical attack as well as a defenes' bonus and prayer). An ancient staff, drag dag and whip (They acctually dont decrease your magic attack bonus and I prefer casting manually while holding a melee wep to ensure I can put the staff in place, and then DDP++ spell them or simply whip)

    I was wondering if this okay? I'm asking what shield should I get, however it would be nice to have a pointer in which equipment I should purchase. This is what I'd like, but you may not. Additionally, I only cast cold spells. I cast only spells about 4-5 levels higher making sure that I get a hit as well as adequate damage.

    I have cast ice rush and was hoping to find a training method that would work . I'll also cast shadow or blood spells, but only to train on NPC's. I train in Fist of Guthix right now, (I win every round I win every round!) But is there a better location to learn Buy OSRS Fire Cape? I was hoping to join the castle wars for training on melee-type people. Would that be a good idea? Tell me what you do.