A single-player game can also achieve a critical mechanism that

  • A single-player game can also achieve a critical mechanism that is similar to the multiplayer game. It only needs to raise the HP and output of powerful monsters to a level that is close to being sufficient to kill you. At this point, a 1% difference can mean the difference between life and death for someone. I don't believe that the majority of people's responses are incorrect. There is nothing particularly frightening about percentages, other than the fact that there are far too many of them. Percentages and fixed values are equivalently convertible to one another if there is no change in the underlying property.

    When comparing the physical damage reduction of 50 and the physical damage reduction of 5% in the thousand blood you mentioned, there is no discernible difference between them. It is possible to convert the absolute value and percentage of the fault tolerance rate and team effect that should be provided to you into each other using a conversion table. As a result, you will find that many respondents calculate in this manner as well, because the percentage actually needs to be converted into a fixed value in terms of calculation effect - equivalent to poe currency how much fixed value - before it can be calculated.

    However, there is no if. At level 10, you have 1000 HP, and you can smooth out the 5% damage reduction with 50 absolute points, bringing your total HP to 1000. When you reach level 18, you are surprised to discover that you already have 15000 health points. If you compare 5% to the fixed value of 50, it is equivalent to 750, which is far from the fixed value of 50. You purchase a few more pieces of equipment at this point, and the value of this 5% has increased in value, but it is still listed as 5% on the books.

    Because the percentage attribute has the property of expanding with the expansion of the base, designers will generally exercise extreme caution when dealing with it. It is impossible to use it excessively, because once it is used excessively, it is easy to lose control of the data. With the exception of Erba's rushing attack in Heroes of the Storm. This is the largest percentage bonus I've ever seen in a game, and even single-digit percentage bonuses can be amplified when playing this game.

    This section uses the 5% bonus as an example, but is not restricted to damage reduction.

    1. Use an overlay to zoom in.

    It may not appear to be very powerful, but most games do not only have the effect of a single percentage bonus, which is why it is important to understand the difference between them. The most common ones, such as armor, passive skills, buffs, and items, can all provide percentage damage reduction, and these effects can be stacked on top of each other to provide even greater protection.(5%+5%=10%) or multiplicative stacking (1-0.95*0.95=9.75%) can combine to create a very impressive effect, such as an attack power bonus combined with a crit passive and an armor breaking active; these three are all combined to form a very impressive effect. It is a typical representative of the percentage bonus effect in a variety of situations. The output will be significantly improved as a result of the superposition of the three.

    Because most games have many systems, each of which has its own growth path and effect on the battle, it is always the most direct and effective method poe exalted orb of implementing the specific combat power bonus. This is because most games want to ensure that the game elements are diverse. It's the most logical.

    It is common for percentage bonuses in multiple systems to be superimposed as a result; as a result, it is impossible to design each bonus to be extremely high. This is a common occurrence in many stand-alone RPGs and massively multiplayer online role-playing games. On the other hand, if there are only a few systems in a game that can provide bonuses, the value of the bonus effect can be designed to be higher, as in the case of the bonus of equipment or passive skills in MOBA games.

    2. Scroll through the timeline to get a closer look.

    Some friends may believe that the effect of increasing attack power by 5% is insignificant, but if it is a 10-minute BOSS battle, which is very common in MMORPGs, even if it is short, increasing attack power by 5% means that the battle time will be significantly longer than before. It is shortened by 100/1050.952, which results in a time reduction of nearly 0.5 minutes, or 30 seconds, on average. It can reduce the use of several small skills and 1-2 big skills by the boss, not to mention the fact that every second counts during the final rage or rush stage.

    A timeline or a mechanism of a similar nature can be found in many games. Although monsters act according to fixed time intervals, specific events will occur at fixed times, and if some small quantity changes are made, they may be able to eliminate or generate this event, thereby changing the quality and greatly affecting the difficulty of the game, as shown in Figure 1. It's the same principle in MOBA games: if the damage reduction effect prevents players from being killed in seconds within a fixed controlled time and thus allows them to counterattack, this represents a qualitative change on the time axis.

    3. Increase the impact of the effects by utilizing trade-offs and chain-links.

    By increasing attack power by 5%, for example, the total mana of a nurse will increase in disguise, allowing her to use more mana-consuming skills to ensure the safety of the team's blood, while also increasing their fault tolerance rate across the board poe chaos orb. This type of chain reaction, which is caused by the ups and downs of the game, is very common and frequently affects the entire body:

    When one's attack power increases, the battle time decreases, the opponent's output decreases, one's own output increases, and the attack power increases even more, the initial 5% increase in attack power may be possible after a circle is completed. This resulted in a 10% increase in total output.

    In a similar vein, a 5% increase in damage reduction does not necessarily result in an increase in damage reduction of only 5% in total. The reduction in damage allows you to use the recovery skill every ten rounds instead of every eleven rounds, and you can output in one extra round, resulting in an increase in your damage from Disguise.

    4. Increase the amplitude of the effect by affecting multiple properties.

    In some games, a single attribute can have a significant impact on the final combat power by affecting a number of secondary attributes. As an illustration, consider the previous version of WOW, in which intelligence affects both spell power and spell crit chance, and thus a 5% increase in intelligence (Mage's buff - arcane intelligence) results path of exile currency in more than a 5% increase in damage. In many games, for example, the agility of archers and mages will increase both attack power and the rate at which they crit and the speed at which they attack at the same time, as shown in the example above. As a result of this multiple enhancement, the effect of the originally small percentage bonus attribute will be amplified by a factor of two or three.

    5. Increase the amount of base growth.

    In fact, this one was initially the most obvious, because it is a self-evident fact that the percentage bonus will benefit from the increase in the base value as a result of the increase in the base value. It is ranked last because it appears to provide no explanation for why 5% is such a powerful factor in this problem. However, the question of why the 5% is so great must take into consideration the scenario in which others are the 1% and you are the 5%.

    The percentage bonus is usually made into a universal effect, which is the so-called "you have me and everyone has it," because otherwise there is no percentage effect or a player with a low percentage value wants to catch up with a player who has a percentage effect, which is the case in most games. It is nearly impossible because the increasing speed of both sides' combat power is not of the same type.