What is ISO 45001 change management process

  • When OHSAS is being implemented in any company, it's just the beginning. Though, it later becomes a project wherein changes and updates are frequently conducted, yet their management is a bit critical.

    ISO 45001 Certification in Bangalore  management of change requirements.

    The requirements for managing changes are stated in clause 8.1.3 of the ISO 45001:2018 standard. However, this clause is extremely flexible for the management. To start with, ISO 45001 does not ask for any specific process but requires for certain procedures to implement planned changes and updates that might as well impact the OHSMS performance altogether. Also, the standard requires for certain activities for the activation of the process of management of changes which are as follows;

      • Changes in products, services or processes- Before there is any changes made, it's important to ensure as to which process would be used. In the process of selection, there is also a benefit and that is nothing but the identification of risks along with the methods to control the risks.
      • Legal changes- If there is a change in legal terms, then, necessary changes should be made to ensure that OHSAS performance is not affected.
    • Hazard and OHSAS risk knowledge- If there is a completely new information regarding any aspect, then, such an information should be assessed to see if the information can be accepted for change.
    • Knowledge and technology developments- When there is a new update in the technology area, such an update should be assessed and should be decided upon whether such an update would be helpful or not.

    One additional requirement in clause 8.1.3 talks about unintended changes. This actually means that if a change has been caused without any plans, any negative things in the change should be assessed for firther procedures. This way you still react to risks posed by mistakes that were made.

    When does the ISO 45001 standard mention considering changes in the OHSMS?

    • Assessing the risks and opportunities- There is a certain clause in the standard that requires assessment of risks and opportunities which are related to either changes that took place or due to intended changes that were implemented. 
    • Identification of hazards- There is a certain clause in the standard that requires assessment of hazards as well. Along with this, there is also a requirement to consider hazards which are intact in changes or unintended changes.
    • Opportunity assessment- When the assessing of opportunities is being done, the planned changes should be considered for enhancement of the OHSAS performance.
    • Internal communication- The most efficient information to be communicated internally is the changes related to the OHSAS functioning that the employees need to know.
    • Management review-  ISO 45001 Consultants in Bangalore  is a requirement of this review is the changes related to the OHSAS functioning. Also, these changes should be first identified and then the un-useful change management procedures should be removed and easy as well as direct ones should be implemented.
    • Corrective action- This action requires implementation of useful changes so that the corrective changes can be properly managed. Also, this implementation will direct proper response to process nonconformity.

    Why is management of change important?

    One of the most important reasons for the implementation of OHSAS is to eliminate hazards and risks that cause injury and ill-health in the workplace. So, it becomes quite obvious that a step towards these negative impacts are taken. Hence, OHSMS ensures all of these steps are exhibited properly with full preparation and planning. Of all, understanding the reasons related to the wrong happenings is very important for any corrective action.  

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