The future development prospects of my country's medical mould

  • The casting mold means that in order to obtain the structural shape of the part, the structural shape of the part is made in advance with other easily formed materials, and then the Syringe Mould is placed in the sand mold, so the sand mold forms a cavity with the same structural size as the part. Then pour a fluid liquid into the cavity. After the liquid is cooled and solidified, a part with the same shape and structure as the mold can be formed.

    The casting mold is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to drive the injection head to press the molten metal into the mold cavity at a high speed. Because of the high pressure due to the hydraulic pressure, it is commonly known as the casting mold process.

    The development direction of the domestic casting medical mould industry is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

    1. With the continuous rise of new strategic industries, the demand for molds is gradually expanding. The domestic medical mould industryshould actively develop intelligent casting molds. At the same time, with the increasing demand for energy saving, the demand for energy saving and environmental protection casting molds in the energy saving and environmental protection industry is also expanding.
    2. Fine and ultra-fine casting molds with sensing and other functions for the new generation of information technology industry.
    3. Fine, super and fine casting molds for medical equipment serving the biological industry.
    4. The continuous rise of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has also opened up a certain market for the domestic medical mould industry, and the required intelligent casting molds are also increasing.
    5. The new energy car industry has become a major trend and mainstream in the future. It also needs a lot of casting molds in its development, and the casting medical mould industryserving the new energy car industry will also get a certain pulling effect.

    With the continuous development of domestic foundry mold-related industries, the foundry medical mould industry must adjust its production scale and product structure, keep pace with the times, better grasp the future development trend, and get used to the market demand in the new era. On the other hand, promote the better development of the domestic Medical Mould industry.