What information do customers need to provide for customized pa


    Many people think that the price of customized packaging is only related to the size, quantity, and material of the box. That's just a part of it, and it also includes design fees, plate-making fees, process and processing fees, material costs, box inner support and other costs.

    Because different manufacturers will be equipped with different materials or processes, and even different equipment, rough workmanship, different printing costs, will produce different prices. Moreover, different manufacturers use different grades, and the raw materials in different periods will also have differences.

    Before customizing the packaging box, as a customer, you also need to prepare the following four aspects of information.

    1. Provide qualification certificates. Generally, packaging factories will ask customers to submit company business licenses, product sales-related certificates, etc. Some food and medicine packaging boxes need to submit hygienic licenses, production batch numbers, etc.

    2. When you need to design a plan, you must provide the product text copy in advance. If you do not need to design, you can directly print and produce the design source files of the packaging box.

    3. Provide a description of the packaging box production requirements, product samples or dimensions, and high-definition pictures.

    4. Customized paper requirements and process requirements for packaging boxes.

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