Copper Magnet Wire Instructions


    copper magnet wire
    Magnet wire is sometimes called "winding wire". It is a type of copper or aluminum wire that is insulated with a film or coating and generates a magnetic field when the wire is placed in a coil and energized. Magnet wires are used in transformers, generators, and a long list of electronic components, and are used in almost any component with a motor.

    Copper enameled wire enameled wire has a variety of sizes, which refer to the diameter of the wire, and are also classified according to the shape, including rectangular, square, round, etc. The term "enameled" also refers to an insulating layer metal wire applied to copper. Technically speaking, the enameled wire is not coated with actual enameled, but is usually coated with one to four layers of film made of polyester, polyglass and/or polyimide. You can click here to read about insulation For more information.

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