What You Want To Know About Rectangular Enameled Wire


    Our real choice, rectangular enameled wire
    There are countless electrical applications that rely onrectangular enameled wire. Due to the ability to reduce corona discharge, the enameled flat wire improves safety and reduces expensive electrical energy waste. These wires are also fire-resistant, making them a safe choice for use with equipment that may be exposed to high temperatures or flames. It is also easy to wind and store.

    Enameled flat wire used in a variety of industrial applications, including: automobiles; electrical equipment; engines; generators; transformers

    Product application: automotive industry, electronic equipment, engines, generators, transformers

    In addition to round enameled wires, rectangular enameled wire industry is a customized manufacturer of thin-film insulated rectangular enameled wires. Rectangular enameled wires are capable of producing larger transformer wires, up to 0.400 inches in width, and even smaller insulating tape thicknesses start at around 0.001 inches, usually found in pancake coils.

    Application: Our enamel flat aluminum. The wire has good heat resistance, good conductivity, good corrosion resistance and temperature. The grade can reach 220°C.
    According to the application, due to the growth of the transportation industry, the motor sector is expected to have huge demand during the forecast period. The consumption of enameled wires in motor applications is increasing rapidly in the automotive industry. From a geographical point of view, due to the vigorous development of the transportation and electrical and electronic industries, the Asia-Pacific region will achieve lucrative growth during the forecast period.