Choose Aluminum Magnet Wire


    Enameled copper wire
    Copper wire has been used as a conductor for a long time and is used in various electrical products.
    Why did you choose it as the main material?
    The first and most important point is superior electrical conductivity. Since 1913, it has tended to be adopted in many fields. And with the continuous improvement of processing technology, it has a higher IACS conductivity value.
    Secondly, copper has better tensile strength, conductivity and expansion properties. Compared with aluminum wires, copper wires can withstand higher temperatures and have a longer service life. If you need to use wires to generate more power, choose copper wires.


    aluminium Magnet wire
    In recent years, aluminum wire has become more and more popular worldwide. It must have certain advantages that copper wire cannot satisfy. it is one of CCA wire which chooce aluminum rather than cooper.
    When to choose aluminum wire as a conductor?
    The conductivity of aluminum wire is about 60% or more of copper, but its weight is only 30% of copper. It shows the same resistance, and the weight of the bare aluminum wire is half of that of the bare copper wire.
    Then, cheap is the main reason to choose aluminum wire instead of copper. Now, qualified aluminum wire has been widely used in household wiring. In response, aluminum has been developed to have properties more similar to copper.

    Both copper wire and aluminum wire have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the better one according to your requirements. FUDA can provide the best products for you to choose.