How To Obtain Enameled Copper Wire


    There are tons of free enameled copper wire ceremonies under the nose, you don’t even know it, hidden in the widest part of the spring-fixed CRT TV/monitor. There is a black square cable wrapped in tape. What many people don't seem to know is that it is full of electromagnetic wires!
    All you have to do is mess up the TV and cut it off.
    This Instructable has nothing to do with dismantling the TV. When you dismantle the TV, this is another thing to withdraw from the TV.
    Step 1: You will need a pair of scissors, a spool of thread and a chair to sit and rest for a while.
    And wires!
    Step 2: Unfold the tape
    This is the most difficult part and the most boring part!
    The tape usually starts where the two wires are inserted, sometimes about 6 inches or less.
    This will take a long time!
    If you want to keep the tape, you can wrap it around a pencil or something.
    Use scissors to cut off the excess tape and the two main wires, but do not cut off the magnet wires! ! !
    Step 3: Unfold the copper wire
    This part is more interesting, but it takes a long time.
    Do whatever you want, place the wire on your knees, then spin it and wind it around the spool.
    Step 4: Finish
    Now, you can use a lot of wires to make transformers, electromagnets, coil guns, etc., whatever you want!