All aspects of the path of exile are constantly updated

  • To date, Harvest is expected to push the most advanced production system to exile. Although fans of city builders can enjoy the importance of this extension to the experiment, Grinding Gear has not alienated any of its participants. Therefore, minimalists may also gain strengths. The idea behind this alliance is to give players more control over their craft, rather than relying on POE Currency. Members of the development team of "Ranger 2" also contributed to this expansion, and "Grinding Gear" also hopes to bring players future ideas. POE2 developers have provided assistance in designing Harvest monsters, so please consider the visual future of the next path of exile.

    If it is not enough, Harvest will launch 12 unique new items, some of which will introduce some new mechanical ideas. For example, Doriani's prototype was armor that only caused lightning damage. It will reduce the player's lightning resistance, but all nearby enemies will also lose their lightning resistance. This is the idea that Grinding Gear hopes to bring some unique new game styles.

    The next "Path of Exile" update will also update some existing skills. For example, Thunder Herald has been completely refurbished to combine with the new Storm Secret unique ring. Although this can also cause lightning damage to the player, it links the lightning together. The idea is to combine this setback with the "cast on hit" feature to maximize damage.

    At the same time, significant progress will be made with two-handed melee weapons. Related Grand Slam skills will be improved and improved to make two-handed melee weapons more competitive. Players can find new items such as "fist" auxiliary gems, which can support any punch skills, and occasionally find that ancestors seem to enhance the player's punch attack ability. Other skills are being reformed, such as constructing a grand slam to make it more feasible on site. Construct Bash will now only eliminate stamina consumption every 3 uses, which will match the new range of the skill.

    Brand skills are constantly improving. Place the brand on the ground and observe its attachment to nearby enemies. After the enemy dies, the brand drops to the ground. Skills such as the Arcanist and Penance brands can be upgraded to a chain, hitting multiple enemies at once.

    Players on the path of exile should see the revised passive skill tree. This will solve the core tree, thereby providing it with more trapezoidal distortion passive and significant passive. Passive tree support will target new mechanisms that have not yet received such support. In addition, it will be modified to support the modification of two-handed melee weapons. At this point, selected Keystone passive skills related to the Legion's Timeless Jewels will now jump to the main passive skill tree. All of this will complement the rebalancing of 50 unique items on the path of exile. In the coming weeks, Grinding Gear will provide more information about the specific uniqueness affected.

    If you have been playing "The Path of Exile: Delirium", you will be happy to hear that it is very popular in POE players. With this expansion, Grinding Gear is taking some unprecedented steps. Not only has Delirium become a core game, but players will also have more opportunities to experience Delirium content than other newly added leagues in the main game.

    Finally, after a lot of expansion, the path of exile has raised the demands of PC users. This is why players can use Harvest to get the Beta version of Path of Exile's new Vulkan renderer. The Vulkan renderer has changed the resource management of the game, and can better control the resource management of game assets during the rendering process. This should help POE Currency Buy.

    Can absorb a lot of things, but players will have enough time to absorb them all. The Path of Exile: The Harvest is tentatively scheduled to be released on PC on June 19, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users should be available on June 22. We mentioned the setbacks of COVID-19, so these dates may change.