The Path of Exile: The Seed Level of the New Harvest Alliance

  • In the path of exile, the seeds are divided into different levels. The first level of seeds is very simple, it only needs to be planted near the same type of collector.

    The second layer of seeds is special, but obviously this type of seeds will bring you greater rewards. Players who want to maximize their profits will get some very complicated gardening solutions. Wanting to have a secondary seed requires some POE Currency, irrigation, etc.

    The third layer of seeds sometimes drops from monsters killed by the second layer of seeds. GGG did not elaborate, but what is certain is that it is more difficult to grow third-level seeds.

    Of course, the main focus of these different grades of seeds is not to plant beautiful gardens, but to harvest... literally. The goal of these moments is to ensure that players can create their dream boss battles, and the rewards obtained after winning are a large part of it. A maximum of 48 plants can be harvested at a time, so at least it can be said that the combination of combat is extensive.

    You can even use the right combination and three layers of seeds to train some unique endgame level bosses. There were three encounters, each of the three seeds, but the fourth and even tougher enemies were mocked.

    In terms of production, Grinding Gear Games hopes to set a very different pace for the Harvest League. Continuous leagues need more and more rewards to feel good, reward and respond to this inflation cycle, Harvest's reward frequency will be reduced, but the significance is greater, because you can control the items you loot from the garden.

    After the harvest is complete, different seed types will create different manual options. Therefore, the more seeds you have, the more likely you are to choose more items to guide the loot, and higher or rare seeds will provide some very unusual crafting traits. In order to get the best return, you need to Buy POE Items, so that you can meet the high life requirements of the top hand-made craftsmanship.