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  • The Chinese version of the popular action RPG Exile Path (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is slightly different from the international version. At the same time, there is a general call for the introduction of some international version features. Why is the Chinese version of POE different? The path of exile is very popular, it is growing, and its POE Currency trading system is the core of the entire game. But there are some so-called quality of life features in the Chinese version, but not in the international version.

    From the basic situation, there are certain advantages, but there are also some shortcomings. The quality of life features in the Chinese version include: death records, dominant videos, pets that help you pick up stolen goods, auction houses, and planning paths in advance. However, there is also a controversy in the Chinese version of "Path of Exile". Although players can trade with each other through the trading system, this is not free, which is not friendly to players.

    How do players view the difference? Especially the quality of life function is something that a few players want to see in other versions of "Path of Exile".

    Thor_Thanos wrote: "Oh, this is really good, it looks cool! It is very helpful for beginners like me. I think I will fall in love with this game soon"
    Shimaran wanted to explain the reason for the difference: "You know, we are completely different from the Chinese game market, so there should be different versions. We are the developers of the game. I think these things are achieved because With these changes, the game will not improve. "
     pfSonata feels that these changes are meaningless: "The quality of life is usually just a euphemism, just to make the game easier. Obviously, after this change, it is more suitable for Chinese players. They like more horrible, with lottery links. Games. Reddit does not understand their expectations of games. "

    Andreas Bertits said: These features are easier for POE for beginners, they can quickly master the game. This is more attractive to newbies, and will make newbies excited about hackers' attacks and killings, but hardcore fans who like the "Path of Exile" difficulty may not like it, they need greater challenges!

    The developer studio stated that in order to avoid angering the target group of the game, the international version of these features will not be easily changed. Such adjustments should be made with caution.

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