Animal Crossing fans say they’re getting trouble on Facebook ov

  • The community standards for Facebook ’s regulated goods clearly state that you cannot sell or buy non-medical drugs on the platform, which of course includes cannabis. But the explosive growth of Animal Crossing: New Horizons means that there is now a large group of people talking about weeds (such as nasty plants), which is obviously touching Facebook's safety line.

    "New Horizons" places the player on a barren island, which was initially flooded with weeds. Players can remove or keep these weeds according to their personal needs. Weeds can also be used to make items and can be sold to specific suppliers for profit. However, the rate of profit is slower. You can choose Buy ACNH Items. Make a profit, which can save a lot of time. Some fans even started weeding and gardening for other players.

    In summary, if you are completely playing the animal crossing game, you may want to use the word "weed" when chatting with the representatives of the same island, which is an essential part of the game. But on Facebook, talking about animals crossing weeds can be a problem. In fact, players can remove all weeds, Animal Crossing Bells can make up for your appeal, you can get various props to develop your own island.

    Two different animal crossing groups on the platform recently released PSA in their community to discuss what can be discussed in the forum. For example, a private group in the UK with more than 34,000 members has asked users to stop using the word "weeds" or "transactions" in posts because Facebook is allegedly deleting these uploads.

    A group administrator said in the announcement: "They must think that we are using narcotics." Then suggested that people can use other names for the factory.

    Facebook did not respond to requests for comment in time for publication. However, in the comment section of the group ’s announcement, the group ’s administrators shared screenshots of the screen warning, and the platform allegedly served them in violation of community standards, and they said it was related to posts that discussed weeds.