Madden NFL 21's home debut as a Pro Bowl is very stupid

  • Last weekend, the National Football League (NFL) received a surprising viral inspiration: In Xbox's Madden 21, games played mainly in the real world are played. To be clear, this is not a completely important game. Technically, this is not even part of the league's year. However, every year the NFL main event is played in TV games, and the result is boring.

    For those beginners, the problem game is the professional bowl. Pro Bowl games are held after the regular season and championship games, but before the Super Bowl games. Usually, this is the "summary of the best of the year". Fans voted for the best player, joined forces to create two "super teams", and then competed for entertainment and a special annual championship. Functionally, this is actually a smart way to keep the NFL on the TV screen and keep public awareness between the championship and the Super Bowl (the final game of all marbles) within a week.

    The truth is, Pro Bowl is always fun. For example, no player is willing to take the risk in an ultimately meaningless game. Therefore, heavy tackles, relaxed pace and relaxed mood will be easier. This means that it is not surprising when the NFL decides to cancel the game, nor does it want to risk traveling in the pandemic after the season is over. In Ladder EA and Madden NFL 21, the idea is simple: the Madden 21 Coins will still be played inside Madden.

    They could have used a variety of formats, but in the end it took the form of a four-on-four battle on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms. Both sides are made up of several current NFL stars, who will play in the real Pro Bowl, plus some beloved senior players, why not Buy Madden 21 Coins to make yourself more relaxed?

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