NBA 2K21 cover athletes revealed: 2K Games reveals PS4 and Xbox

  • NBA 2K21 fans have discovered who will appear on the cover of this year's edition of popular basketball games, including PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K20 MTcan give you the same skills as cover characters.

    NBA 2K21 cover athletes-updated twice: After revealing the current generation of NBA 2K21 cover athletes, 2K games announced yesterday (Wednesday, July 1) that he will appear on the sleeves of the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

    NBA 2K21 Cover Player-One of the updates: 2K Games revealed who will be on the cover of NBA 2K21 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia. The first cover star to reveal NBA 2K21 was Damian Lillard of the five-time NBA All-Star and Portland Trail Blazers.

    Lillard will appear on the cover of NBA 2K21 in the current generation format, while the next-generation versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X will become another cover athlete.

    Speaking of this news, Lillard said: "This is a special moment in my career for me." For many years, I have been a fan of NBA 2K and love all aspects of basketball culture that they represent. I have been playing 2K all my life, and I am honored to be with other great NBA players who have participated in screens. I thank all the fans and can’t wait to see you later this year. "

    Alfie Brody said: "There are a lot of great players in the NBA today, but Damian Lillard is particularly good at representing contemporary NBA superstars.

    "From his cultural influence, musical success, off-court leadership and dominance on the court, he is very suitable for us to report on "NBA 2K21" on today's platform; we are honored to have him." NBA 2K21 fans are very You will soon discover who will be the cover of this year's popular basketball series. Buy 2K20 MT is the best way to take you to the shortcut.

    Last week, NBA 2K20 cover star Anthony Davis revealed that they had control over who would become the insider of the NBA 2K21 sleeve.