NBA 2K21 trailer: Watch Sixers' Ben Simmons star in cryptic new

  • Thursday is an important day in the video game world. Sony introduced a new PlayStation 5 and brought a new NBA 2K20 MT to the new game console.

    In the past decade, one of the most famous characters in sports video games is NBA 2K, which is undoubtedly the number one character in basketball games. Now, they selected 76 stars in the next edition.

    There were rumors on Thursday whether Zion Williamson in another trailer might be a cover player, but 2K Games is unlikely to provide cover for sophomores who have barely played real NBA basketball.

    Simmons has a deep influence in the field of 2K games. Two years after participating in the NBA 2K19 game, Simmons has become one of the most important two-way players in the league. In recent years, people like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Davis have taken cover, and Simmons should certainly be considered.

    Simmons' co-star Joel Embiid will be another obvious candidate, but he has already appeared on the cover of EA Sports' NBA Live, making cross-border matches highly unlikely.

    I know that if Simmons is on the cover, I will buy a physical version. (...May be more than one.)

    However, your boss’ boss will become annoyed due to your controversial strategy. They hired a highly recommended consultant with great success in your industry. Although you may be unhappy, you understand and accept the help of legends in your field.

    The NBA is disturbing, forcing the 76ers to increase Jerry Colangelo to serve as the chairman of the basketball business and special advisor to the team’s management partner. Colangelo, who had beaten the 76ers in a Charles Barkley trade in 1992, brought a Hall of Fame resume, but it seems that he is not teaching the wisdom of Sinki there.

    Although Jerry denied any nepotism, it did not seem a coincidence that Bryan was taken up shortly after Hinki felt the need to resign. The young Colangelo also has an excellent resume, he is the Suns and Raptors (NBA) executive of the year.

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