The complete list of league changes on the web Path of Exile: H

  • The developer of Action RPG Exile released a list of changes to the Harvest League add-on, which will introduce many POE Currency, new items, new tests, new enemies, balanced editing and corrections to solve unpleasant errors.

    One days later, on June 19, in the PC version of the action version of RPG Exile, additional Harvest League content will appear. To prepare us for the upcoming adventure, Grinding Gear Games employees posted a complete list of updates on the official website to update 3.11.0 (Russian).

    The developer will introduce a new test alliance, adding 11 skills, 14 unique items, two roaming items and 12 fortune-telling cards, redoing 3 battle cry and balancing 50 existing unique items.

    The team will improve the behavior of the screen shake effect, the visual effects of certain players and monster abilities, sound performance, and gaming environment. r will become part of the main game.

    The level and location of the map on the atlas will be changed. Most cards will initially start to reach different levels. In the abyss, after defeating Amanama, the monsters, crystals and other elements in the battle will be destroyed.

    The power of Path of Exile Currency will stop making the character immune to poison. Instead, it will reduce the duration of character poisoning by 50%, and if the hero has been poisoned at least five times, poisoning is not allowed.

    In addition, GGG will correct many errors, for example, increasing the casting speed will no longer affect the frequency of hitting the sphere at twice the size, and the Phantom Summon will no longer stain the area.