New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears-6/8/20 Madden 20 Sim NFL Draf

  • On Monday afternoon, the Chicago Bears and the New York Giants participated in the Madden 20 NFL simulation game.

    The Chicago Bears will be based on a 40-23 victory over Tampa Bay in the last mock duel. Alan Robinson II led the Big Bears with a total speed of 89 strokes, 90 speeds and 93 accelerations, and 96 catch percentages, while Trey Burton’s tight end was 82, while Taylor Gabriel It is level 81. Tarik Cohen led Chicago's backcourt with 78 points, while Mitch Trubisky still held Chicago's starting position with 73 points. On the defensive end, Khalil Mack relied on a solid overall score of 98, a speed of 87 and an acceleration of 89 and a tackle of 94, a block of 90, a fall of 91, 91 skill moves and 95 power moves Leading the Bears. If we want to reach the superstar level in the game, only MUT Coins can help us.

    Eddie Jackson’s overall score on freedom and safety is 89, its area coverage is 94, acceleration is 90, and Kyle Fuller’s speed and acceleration when bending back are 92 , The area is 91, Akiem Hicks (Akiem Hicks) on the left defensive end of the overall score of 88, with 91 blocks and 89 power moves

    The New York Giants hope to beat the New York Jets 48-27 in the last simulation game. Saquon Barkley leads the Giants in overall scoring with 89 speed, 93 acceleration, 96 agility, 94 piggybacks and 94 judo levels. Evan Engram leads the New York receiving group with an overall score of 88, a catch power of 88, a speed of 90, and an acceleration of 91. Kim Tate III and Sterling Shepard formed a good wide receiver pair, they recorded 90 speed and 91 acceleration respectively, Tate III's receiving rate was 89, and Shepard was 88. On the defensive end, Leonard Williams is the only more than 80 players. The Giants have a total score of 82, with an average attack speed and impact of 88.

    If we get a giant team that can beat the nonsense of the Jets, then the Giants and points are tempting. The problem is that we often see the Giants hit hard, the problem is that their defensive ability is not strong. Chicago beat Tampa Bay. It is the better defensive team in this game, and it also has a good offense. I think the Bears must at least through buymu coins to win this game, so I will add points to Chicago here.

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