A new way of path of exile alliance introduces agriculture

  • I have revealed the content of the next expansion alliance on the road. I schedule it to launch on PC on June 19 and on PC on June 22. The main content is to let players accumulate seeds and then plant seeds, which gives literal meaning to “farmer” (an expression often used by RPG).

    In Harvest, players will find seeds in the adventure, then plant these seeds in their own countryside and watch their growth. I can harvest these plants when they are mature, in exchange for the option of POE Currency. Reassure those who do not have pacifists, after all we are in racialist: many of these plants have become monsters, and once defeated they can leave good seeds.

    For best results, players need to equip the farm with a flavor collector, diffuser and condenser. Only the most talented farmers can get the most powerful rewards and get the boss unique to this new craftsman. The system is similar to the city management title and farm simulator.

    Besides farm work, recent projects and skills will be introduced, and I will update many existing projects and skills. Focused on the two-handed weapon, it will substantially improve it will be substantially.

    Facing fresh challenges, we will see an immense passive tree, which will be changed to supplement the changes in equipment, skills and playing methods.

    Grinding Gear Games continued to test the new renderer in the game. The recently launched Vulkan API has been widely praised by the community, and performing the path of exile path has been significantly improved.

    In the recent expansion, players can still buy POE currency, because the content in the recent expansion does not meet the needs of everyone. If you want to be more comfortable in the game, buying Poe currency can bring you an unfamiliar feeling.

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