World of Warcraft: Your game character

  • Whether it's a shiny knight in armor, an elusive stalker, or a wise and deadly caster, every class in World of Warcraft is unique and has a different gameplay. Which class would you choose?

    Paladin (tank, healer, damage output)
    A model of justice, the Paladin ’s duty: Kuang helps the weak, extends justice, and eliminates the evil forces from the darkest corner of the world. These sacred warriors wear plate armor to Buy WOW Classic Gold fight the most powerful enemies. The blessings of the Holy Light allow them to heal wounds and, in some cases, even bring the dead back to life. Professional information, Paladins will face their enemies directly, relying on heavy armor and healing spells to resist attacks. Whether using a huge shield or wielding a powerful two-handed weapon, the Paladin can always prevent the enemy's sword and claws from harming vulnerable teammates, or it can use healing spells to make the teammates survive the attack.

    Stalker (damage output)
    The silent blade, the stalker's creed is the contract, and honor can be traded with money. These mercenaries are not bound by conscience and are used to relying on cruel and efficient tactics. They are deadly assassins, stealth masters, good at approaching the target from behind, piercing their key points, and disappearing without a trace before the victim falls to the ground. Professional information, stalkers often sneak attack from the dark, the first to launch a vicious close combat. In the protracted battle, they will use a carefully planned continuous combination of attacks to weaken the enemy's strength in order to perform a fatal blow. Stalkers must be especially careful when choosing targets so that their combined attacks are not wasted. If the fight is against them, it must be clear when to hide or escape.

    Death Knight (tank, damage output)
    The ruined striker, when the Lich King loses control of WOW Classic Gold For Sale the death knight, the former supporters revenge for the horrible pressure that he had suffered under his control. After winning the battle of vengeance, the death knights found that they had neither goals nor homelessness. They entered the world of the living one after another, looking for new goals. Professional information, death knights engage the enemy at close range, use dark magic to enhance weapons, and use evil forces to hurt or weaken the enemy. They will drag enemies into one-on-one battles, forcing them to divert their targets to protect their fragile companions. To avoid enemies escaping from their control, death knights must carefully use their power to summon runes and control the rhythm of attacks.