Old School Runescape closes the world of bounty hunters and wil

  • Due to concerns about gold growers, Old School Runescape developer Jagex decided to temporarily close the world of bounty hunters for the MMORPG title until it improves. In the early days, the developers have further detailed their transformation plans.
    “It's time to Buy RS Gold create a change,” Jagex says within the statement. “Not just to Bounty Hunter, but to our approach to PVP as an entire. PvP could be a cornerstone of old fashioned. Currently, it deserves better, so we're taking a step back and considering its place within the overall game. Our goal is to see a long-term vision for PVP. Instead of the move from one release to the following, we wish a transparent direction for the following few years which will inform how we design content moving forward.”
    Plans to revamp PVP will start going down internally in February, and people ideas are going to be presented to the community. “We also hope to re-release Bounty Hunter during a number of months, provided we are able to establish how to consistently monitor and act against boosting.” within the meantime, the minigame's unique items “will be made available elsewhere. Visit GOLDRS can buy Old School RuneScape Gold. They will provide you with quality service and the required security.
    The studio initially informed players of the player-killing minigame's closure in an update post on the game's website, saying it's “sorry to announce that we've taken the choice to shut the Bounty Hunter worlds until further notice.” The rationale behind it, Jagex explains, is that the OSRS Gold for Sale mode's “design unfortunately leaves it prey to gold farmers, who abuse its mechanics to come up with GP in more than the amounts available via legitimate methods.”
    The studio showed that this way of gold digging did not affect the economy in the Old School Runescape game, but it compromised the content and integrity of the game. Developers don't believe that simply undoing it will solve the problem, which is not the result players want to see.