Deadman, the most popular mode in RuneScape, is about to return

  • Deadman Mode Tournament will return this Friday, and Old School Runescape all over the world is preparing for it. As part of Jagex's contribution to the PlayApartTogether campaign, this game will last for a month, where they will donate to some charities.
    The idea of Deadman Mode is that players will start completely from scratch and must advance and level up as quickly as possible. If you're an addict of old style Runescape, you recognize that this is often no easy task. Visit to buy RS Gold. Deadman Mode is run on a Player versus Player server where you lose progress with death. As a result, this becomes extremely competitive and tension runs high.
    For information within the game, players can speak with Nigel in Lumbridge. Every player begins at combat level three, and knowledge gained in Deadman Mode is five times the traditional amount and you'll be able to win a range of prizes! Progress in the other Runescape game, including old style, won't be affected. Upon killing a player, you'll receive Blood Money which may be wont to purchase Deadman Mode armor.
    The top 2,000 players of Deadman Mode tournament will compete in an exceedingly live finale on May 30th. These players are whittled right down to around 250 contestants, and also the game will play on until there are a final two. From there, it'll be one versus one to assert the RS Gold for Sale winner of Deadman Mode. As you'll be able to imagine, Deadman Mode is very anticipated by the old style Runescape community, and it grows very competitive very quickly.
    And, Jagex will donate $25,000 to its partner charity, which is to cooperate with the Deadman Mode tournament. At the same time, the winner will receive several different prizes. Of course, the higher the ranking, the more abundant the rewards.